We are a small and fun group, everyone knows each other. This combination makes Pro-Pay stand out. We prioritize quality over quantity and that's the reason why we assist our clients with everything, we work with and for them from A to Z. This way of working allows us to constantly learn and improve.

The ability to work at home has also been an important factor to me. And, of course, the staff parties and events are really fun!”

Tom - 17 years @ Pro-Pay

"If you are passionate and have the willingness to do your best, Pro-Pay is the right place for you. As payroll business partner, you do everything for your clients. You cover a range of topics from social law, social security, tax, expats, etc. We are super professional and the best on the market!

Also, Pro-Pay really is a second home for me, I feel good here. Your talents and interests are taken into account and you have the opportunity to specialize and to grow, which is motivating."

Yona - 9 years @ Pro-Pay

How have you experienced working here so far?

Absolutely great! I have very nice colleagues and I’ve learned so much already. I didn’t have any payroll experience when I started and my team members really helped me with that. There’s a buddy system in which every colleague is involved and it’s also a great way to get to know your colleagues. Combined with the guidelines, that makes a fast learning system.

What was your first week like?

I had to take in a lot of new information but I received a very warm welcome. I have a family feeling here. It’s just like being at home.

What makes Pro-Pay a special employer?

The family feeling, the open communication and the learning possibilities. There’s no barrier to ask any question, you just walk to the manager or a colleague. Even if it’s not work related, everyone takes their time to listen, despite of their busy schedules. It’s really nice to get help if you need it. It makes me really comfortable.

What do you hope to achieve at Pro-Pay?

There’s so much I can learn here. I want to grow my payroll knowledge even more and get to know different clients. Every month, there’s something new to learn because of the variety of clients.

Aurore - 2 years @ Pro-Pay

People often say you can never know what tomorrow will bring. I can assure you that as a Legal Advisor at Pro-Pay, you can’t even know what today might have in store. The beauty of this job lies in the variety and doing what you love. Pro-Pay is also truly a thoughtful employer, both professional and private. They make sure you feel good at work and even in times of Covid they find ways to keep everyone connected. This strong bond between colleagues also contributes to everyone always helping each other out.

Within the legal department, we are a very close group that relies heavily on each other. Cooperation and trust are therefore of paramount importance to us. We also love a good laugh and always find ways to have fun at work.

Mérone - 2 years @ Pro-Pay

Being eager to learn comes in handy when you work at Pro-Pay. Payroll may seem like a routine job, but because of the complexity of the matter in our niche market, you get to learn new things every day. I am lucky to combine this interesting job content with wonderful colleagues who are always ready to help and offer support.

We mainly differ from other payroll providers because of our expertise in international employers but also because of our helicopter view. At Pro-Pay you are responsible for every aspect of the payroll from A to Z, thus resulting in the development of expert knowledge. As an employer, Pro-Pay also actively thinks of ways to ensure you keep growing and really offers you the chance to develop your skills in many ways.

Nyssrine - 1 year @ Pro-Pay

I am very happy to work for a company that has so much expertise and where I can also learn a lot from my colleagues. You encounter a great deal of aspects, which allows you to continuously improve and learn. I have always been encouraged to grow here. The effort you put in is appreciated and does not go unnoticed at Pro-Pay. It is an honor to be part of this driven and motivated team.

Annelies - 7 years @ Pro-Pay

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