My Pro-Pay: the solution we've all been looking for

At the beginning of 2020, no one could have predicted how the global outbreak of a virus would change our economic structures. More than ever, companies are facing enormous challenges and are forced to reinvent themselves. At the same time, everyone is highly motivated to make the best of it. If we want to evolve towards a ‘different’ or ‘new’ normal together, we must provide answers to the various challenges businesses are facing. Fortunately, the solutions are often an improvement on what we were used to and may even have been stuck in.

When it comes to payroll, remote working is a big game changer for many companies. The transition to fully digital payroll administration is therefore something you cannot miss out on.

My Pro-Pay is your online portal for pay slips and other salary documents

As a Pro-Pay client, you can give your employees online access to their payslips and salary documents thanks to this secure portal. My Pro-Pay can be accessed through PC, tablet or smartphone (iOS and Android) and is therefore available anywhere and anytime. Via their electronic identity card or via a unique username and password, your employees have full and secure online access to their payroll documents.

Thanks to this digital upgrade, you can overcome old obstacles such as paper waste, inefficiency and an administrational overload. All documents can immediately be consulted online and everything is saved in chronological order so that it can be easily retrieved. In addition, My Pro-Pay is available in three languages: Dutch, English and French.

Contact your Payroll Business Partner for more information and discover other digital possibilities as well, such as YEAP (Your Easy Absence Planner), our online application for managing your employees’ absence requests.

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