Indexation January 2022 JIC 200

Each year in January, the salaries are adjusted to the cost of living for employees of companies subject to Joint Industrial Committee 200 (JIC 200). In Belgium, this is referred to as the indexation of salaries.

This indexation is a mechanism whereby salaries are linked to the evolution of the flattened health index. The monthly salary is more specifically increased by a percentage equal to the inflation rate of the previous calendar year. The indexation system as foreseen by JIC 200 is applicable to all employees falling under the scope of this Joint Industrial Committee. 

The final percentage of indexation has just been announced and amounts to 3,58%. This implies in practice that the gross salaries will be increased with 3,58% as from January 1, 2022 onwards. 

It also entails that the yearly premium that needs to be paid in June 2022 (if not replaced by an equivalent benefit), will amount to € 277,22.

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