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Pro-Pay’s legal team is your partner for the legal aspects of HR and employment.

Our approach is unique: we have an eye for the practical consequences of our legal advice. Payroll is our passion and therefore, we interlink as much as possible.

We want to get to know your company and tailor our advice to your needs, wherever you are located, whatever the size of your company, whichever social legal challenge you are facing.

Feeling lost in translation? Our team has a thorough expertise in applying Belgian legislation in an international context. We take into account cultural, linguistic and legal differences and aim to be your connection.

What we offer

  • Individual and collective labour law agreements
  • Migration services
  • Legal audits and compliance checks
  • Policies and standing employment conditions
  • Second opinions
  • Inhouse legal services
  • End of service support and guidance
  • Representation towards the Belgian authorities
  • Salary optimization
  • Ad hoc legal advice

Lost in the jungle of payroll administration in Belgium?

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