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My Pro-Pay offers clients a secure online portal for consulting payslips and other salary documents. It has been designed to facilitate the paperless office, meaning all documents can be consulted online instantly and neither space, time or trees are wasted archiving paper documents.

Accessing your documents is easy and secure thanks to your personal login and password. Connect wherever and whenever you want. Your documents are saved in chronological order, making them easy to retrieve. Workers will receive an email notification when a new document is posted on the portal. My Pro-Pay is available in English, Dutch and French.

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YEAP - Your Easy Absence Planner - is an online application that helps you manage employee absences. Employees are able to request time away from work online for holidays, training or other types of leave.

Managers are automatically notified of an absence request and can approve or reject. HR staff members - chosen and appointed by you - manage the application and user access. YEAP can be linked to our payroll software, automatically including approved requests in the payroll process.

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Prisma online - Prisma’s modular programme is accessible through our website and allows you to automate some or most of your payroll activities. Choose which modules you want to use, depending on your personal preferences, available staff and their expertise.

Some features:

  • Maintenance of payroll and personnel and T&A data
  • Print reports
  • Free consultation of historical data
  • Export of payroll and personnel data to Excel, CSV...

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