Corona - Business Continuity Plan

Without giving in to panic or hysterics, we would like to briefly outline how Pro-Pay will try to minimize the impact of the Corona virus on its operations.

Specific steps taken by Pro-Pay in the framework of the Corona spread

  • Our staff are no longer allowed to engage in face-to-face meetings. All meetings planned will be postponed or carried out online. We do our upmost best to guarantee full business continuity.
  • Employees are given instructions on good hand and cough etiquette to minimize spreading. Hand sanitizers are available in the office.
  • Employees that return from risk areas abroad will be requested to work from home for the full length of the incubation period.

General Pro-Pay modalities

  • All employees have laptops, as Pro-Pay standardly supports working from home on a regular and well-defined basis. If required, we are fully capable of moving to a homeworking only policy until further notice.
  • We have appointed a special team that will stay on top of the news and any announcements of the Belgian authorities that might give rise to new measures.
  • Our ISAE 3402 type II certificate already provides for the possibility to adopt a number of specific procedures that allow us to absorb the impact of a potential lockdown.

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