New salary limits for work permits as from January 1, 2022

Foreign employees who are not European Economic Area (EEA) citizens need a work permit or a single permit to work on the Belgian territory, unless they are exempt from this requirement.

Since July 1, 2014, the authority to grant a work permit or a single permit has been regionalized and each region can determine its own conditions to grant a work permit/single permit. They therefore also each determine the salary conditions that may apply to grant a work permit/single permit in their respective region (Brussels-Capital Region, Walloon Region and Flemish Region).

As from January 1, 2022, the following minimum gross salary limits will apply for the category of highly qualified staff and executives who want to work in Belgium:

  Highly qualified staff Executive staff
Brussels-Capital Region € 44,097  € 73,570 
Walloon Region € 44,097  € 73,570 
Flemish Region

< 30 years: € 36,076.80  ≥ 30 years: € 45,096 

€ 72,154 

In addition to these salary limits, other conditions must additionally be met in order for the employee to qualify for a work permit/single permit.

Do not hesitate to contact our legal department for more information on immigration at the following e-mail address: legal@pro-pay.be.

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